Solo travel is currently a trend of young people who prefer to have the opportunity to satisfy themselves more, without being surrounded by disagreements by companions. To have a comfortable trip, of course, we also need to prepare well in terms of luggage and spirit to have a safe and relaxing trip.

solo travel

Currently, the trend of traveling alone is becoming more and more popular with everyone, especially young people. Everyone wants to try the feeling of experiencing a new world with cultures, cuisines or nature and people in all regions. The special thing when you travel alone is that you will feel completely comfortable and relaxed when you do not have to face arguments or disagreements with your companions. Besides, traveling alone also helps you to have more social skills that are extremely beneficial to yourself. However, one thing that is extremely important when traveling alone is that you will face many dangers and difficult situations. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself with good luggage both physically and mentally. This article will suggest essential tips to prepare for a smooth and safe solo travel journey.

Find out carefully where you are going

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Before you travel anywhere, you need to thoroughly understand the geography, culture, and people of the place you choose to enjoy. You should learn about the cultures and customs of the indigenous people there so that you are not surprised or culture shock leads to facing many difficult situations in communication or experience. Especially, because you go alone, you need to pay attention to where you choose to go. You should avoid choosing places that are too wild and remote, but choose a place with a large population so that you do not have to fall into many dangers. And let’s find out if there are many social evils around where you go such as theft, theft, murder, or not so we can avoid it right away. This is the most important tip to help you understand where you want to go and equip yourself with the best knowledge and luggage.

Stay connected with your family and friends

Many young people like to travel alone and separate from relatives and friends at home, but this is extremely dangerous if we do not keep in touch with our family. You should use any phone or digital media that allows you to be online at any time and place. It’s important to keep your phone fully charged and have 4g at all times so you can stay connected with family or friends at any time.

Always prepare a copy of important documents


Scan and save on email a copy of your passport, flight schedule or ticket, hotel confirmation information, if any. Or simply, you can take a photo of your passport, important documents on your phone to easily find and save information in case of an emergency. Since you are traveling alone, you will have to anticipate situations such as lost luggage or lost important documents.

Avoid carrying a lot of valuables when traveling alone

You should limit bringing many valuable items such as expensive jewelry or outstanding branded clothes. Since you are traveling alone, you will likely be targeted by many thieves. Therefore, you should only bring items that are necessary for your trip. Determine that you must be self-sufficient from the beginning to the end of the journey. Therefore, you should pack things as simple as possible.

Always carry extra money 


Since you are traveling alone, there will be many emergencies that require money. If you have a companion, you can rest assured that they can help or handle the situation for you. But going alone is different, you need to carry more money than necessary and should not be stored only in your wallet, but put it in many other safe places in case the worst happens.

Prepare well mentally 


Traveling alone means you have to be well prepared mentally. You will have to understand that you will experience loneliness without a companion. Give yourself a mental break so you do not feel awkward when traveling alone. Sometimes it will force you to boldly open up, smile sincerely and friendly, a lot of people will be willing to help you.