Many women think that wearing makeup when doing fitness is unnecessary because sweat will wash away the makeup in no time. However, you can still create light makeup for yourself to have more vitality. Here is the friendly makeup hacks to always keep you beautiful when doing fitness. 

fitness makeup

Women all know that makeup is not a good idea when going to the gym, because the sweating state of the skin will be the ideal environment for the types of acne that exist on your face, especially with non-waterproof cosmetics. The makeup that is too easy to wash off resonates with a lot of exercises, which stimulates the sweat glands to work strongly, making the skin secret and forming acne. However, some days you don’t want to go out with a tired and lifeless bare face. Therefore, wearing makeup when doing fitness is completely feasible if you learn carefully to protect your skin in the best way. Here are friendly makeup hacks to help you have a bright, beautiful face without affecting your skin every time you go to the gym.

Choose the right foundation


You should choose foundation types that do not clog pores to avoid facial skin being secreted leading to acne quickly. In particular, the type of foundation you buy should be waterproof to prevent excessive sweating when exercising. A suggested tip for choosing is the foundation with the main ingredient is mineral powder to help absorb oils or sebum, and sweat on your skin. And what you need to remember is that you should not use too much foundation on your face, only apply a small amount to make the face look more natural.

Concealer is a perfect choice for fitness makeup


Use concealer under your eyes to increase brightness and reduce dark spots instead of covering the entire face. However, you should not choose a concealer that is too thick for the face as it will clog pores and lead to acne. Always keep in mind that because you do fitness, you just need light, natural, and the airiest makeup for your face. No one wants to go to the gym and make their skin affected by unnecessary factors.

Do not abuse many cosmetics for the eyes

The eyes are the thing you should avoid wearing makeup the most because you don’t need to pay too much attention to your eyes when you exercise. This is not necessary and often eyeshadows will be difficult to choose a waterproof type so it is best to just line your eyebrows, with a waterproof mascara. You just need to line your eyebrows very gently with the right color tone for you to look the most natural and dynamic. Using a waterproof mascara or just a thin line of eyeliner is perfect for the gym.

Use tinted lip balm


Instead of using regular colored lipsticks, use colored lip balms. Tinted lip balm is the perfect choice because it not only takes care of the skin of your lips but also has a very natural tone with a slightly pink or red light, which is very suitable for fitness sessions.

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