Since summer is here and many of us have the travel bug, the dreaded task of packing is more relevant than ever.  In particular, packing your makeup can be a chore as your glass bottle of foundation is way heavier than your short shorts.  Whether you are a minimalist, or a make up lover packing your makeup for a week or month long holiday can be very stressful.

Cover photo via The Fashion History 

Make a List, Check it Twice 

The first step is washing all of your makeup brushes before packing to ensure every brush you bring will be ready to use.  Then write a list of the makeup steps you do on the regular, this will include for most of us: primer, foundation, concealer, powder, highlighter bronzer brush, brow product, eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick or lipgloss.  Writing out the products you usually use as well as the brushes that go with them means it will be a lot harder for you to forget those key items.

For a warm summer destination, pack a primer that lasts on your skin such as Benefit POREfsessional or Tatcha silk canvas primer.  For foundation, bring whatever you usually use or matches you skin, if you are comfortable with lighter coverage bring a light foundation BB or CC cream that will still show your skin through.  This is especially good if you like to tan.  It’s important to try and bring products that don’t come in glass packaging.  but if thats not possible packing your foundation in 2 ziplock bags ensures that if the glass breaks that it won’t make a mess of everything else in your bag.

Another option for liquid or cream products is decanting them into smaller containers that you can buy at Muji, this is great for saving space. Any concealer that you usually use will work but bringing a lighter coverage concealer such as Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away concealer is great because it wont cake and will last on your skin in heat!

Packing a small loose powder is also ideal so that you don’t risk it breaking it. Bring one small versatile shade of blush that works for your skin rather than a palette, and do the same with bronzer and highlighter.  A small palette with one of each such as Tarte Hamptons weekender contour palette. This is also the perfect time to use up all those minis and testers you get from Sephora! For shadows bring a small versatile palette such as Natasha Denona mini nude or mini sunset eyeshadow palette.


Bring your favourite mascara and a black or brown eyeliner as was well as 1 pair of your favourite lashes and lash glue if you wear lashes occasionally and plan to have a night out.  Last but not least bring 1 neutral lip liner and lipstick, one gloss and one bold colour in order to change up your look and give you options, this is especially good for longer trips.

Finally, something important to note is that Sephora collection has many options for bags such as the Pack It All Organizer or the PROfessional Travel Makeup Case.  Keep products to a minimum and check off your list as you go!