There’s no crime in being fashionable. While there are plenty of ways to be stylish, wearing something trendy, such as the Nike Dunk Lows, can help improve your look instantly. You’d be surprised how wearing a cool pair of sneakers can help immediately bring your look to a new level. 

Wearing Nike Dunk Lows is a great way to be effortlessly stylish. However, there are still ways you can make them look extra on you. To help you out, below are some ways to style Nike dunk lows.

Pair Them With Jeans

One of the easiest and most basic ways to style your Nike dunk lows is by wearing them with a pair of jeans. Jeans are universal and can match perfectly with almost everything. Luckily, the Nike dunk lows made it to the list. 

Wearing jeans would be amazing if you’d like to go with something classic. It also enables you to wear any kind of top you’d like to have. It could be as simple as a plain white T-shirt or match them with a jacket. You can choose between cotton, flannel, or denim, depending on how you want to style them. 

You can also play with various denim fits. A popular choice is skinny jeans, as they help accentuate your figure. Alternatively, you might consider wearing wide-leg pants to add dimension and character to your look. It will help you achieve a perfect street-style look.

Wear The Ultimate Sweatpants

The best bottoms you could ever wear with your Nike dunk lows if you’re trying to achieve a sporty and laid-back look would have to be sweatpants. This type of pants falls relaxed on your skin, allowing you to move comfortably. They can also help to cop up the street or sporty look as they’re the perfect match for active wear or an oversized visual tee. 

You can also pair sweatpants with a relaxed top or wear something more fitting and cropped to elevate your style. Lastly, you can finish it off with a good pair of bags and jewelry, and you should look instantly stylish as you leave your door. 

Match With A Hoodie

Apart from your pants, what you wear on your top can also help complement your Nike dunk lows. Wearing hoodies will help make your outfit look more relaxed, cozy, and stylish at the same time. You can wear a plain hoodie or wear one with patterns and prints. It will help add character to your clothing and is perfect for any weather. 

For a more coordinated look, you can pair your sneaker color with your hoodie and make everything look cohesive. Alternatively, contrasting colors would be effective, but it can be pretty tricky as the color combination you choose can make or break your outfit.

Wear Plain Pullovers

For a more relaxed and simpler look, switching to pullovers instead of hoodies would be a great top to go with your Nike dunk lows. It helps to keep you cozy without being too extra about it. Wearing something with long sleeves and nothing going on between them should help give off a simplistic vibe, perfect for a low-get-up outfit. While it might look too casual, it’s still a great option if you want to keep your look minimal. 

Wear Matching Top And Bottoms

You might consider wearing a matching top and bottoms to go with your Nike dunk lows for a coordinated and sporty. You might want to consider wearing your sweatpants and pullovers together using the same color scheme for your entire outfit and letting your shoes stand out from the crowd. 

For example, you could wear a plain white, nude, or black pullover and sweatpants and pair them with a Nike dunk low with a single solid color or accents with the colors you’re wearing. 

Finish Off With A Cap

The best accessory you could ever pair with your Nike dunk lows would be a cap. It could be anything you want. You could wear a plain or even a baseball cap if you’re going to get sporty. To complete the look, you should match its color with your shoes and add a subtle hint of color to your top. It’s the best and most effortless way to complete your outfit without too much effort. 

Match With A Loose T-Shirt

Wearing Nike dunk lows is a great way to look relaxed and laid-back. To help complete the vibe you’re going with, it would be nice to match your shoes with a loose or oversized T-shirt. It could be plain or printed, but the fitting should be comfortably loose on your body. You could tuck them in with your pants or let them hang low for added volume. 

Add Patterns To The Top

If you’d like to skip wearing something plain and want to go extra with your fit, adding patterns to your top would be the best way. You can wear printed tops or sweaters or add a patterned jacket to your outfit. It could be something with a striking design or more basic ones, such as a checkered or lines.

When adding patterns to your top, limit them to one area of your clothing. Avoid using patterns for every piece of clothing you’ll wear as it might make it look too distracting and unappealing to look at. Ideally, you can wear a printed top or sweater and let everything else be plain and basic. 

Pair Them With A Skirt

There’s no rule stating that sneakers would only go well with pants. Of course, you can always pair them with a skirt for a feminine yet relaxed look. When pairing your Nike dunk lows with a skirt, try to wear something more fitted and body-hugging. It will help highlight your curves, making you look sexy while letting the shoes helps to make you look comfortable and rigged. 

Apart from skirts, you can also pair them with a dress, as long as it sits nicely on your legs. See if the flow of the dress looks well with your Nike dunk lows, or try to consider wearing a well-fitted dress instead. 


Styling your Nike dunk lows could be fun and exciting. With this pair of sneakers, you can expect them to go with anything you want. However, certain styles help to complement them well together to achieve the look and vibe you’re going with. At the end of the day, you should enjoy your clothing and wear them however makes you happy. 

 Published by HOLR Magazine.