So many different shoe trends come and go, but one style remains in fashion—sneakers. These tried-and-tested classics are the right mix of comfort and style. You can walk, run, and jump comfortably when you’re wearing good-quality sneakers. (1)

If you’re on the hunt for the next pair that you can add to your growing collection, or you’ve finally decided to skip your usual fancy footwear and try sneakers for the first time, look no further. Below are the best types of sneakers to buy and style regardless of the season and fashion taste you have: 

1.Athletic sneakers 

One good thing about sneakers is they’re not only made for walking and running. These shoes are a perfect definition of functionality and style because you also get to stay ahead of your modish lane while the footwear serves its purpose. For this reason, athletic shoes like the Nike’s iconic Air Force 1 absolutely deserve a permanent place in your closet. (2)

Also called “sport” sneakers, athletic footwear is often made by famous brands such as Adidas and Nike in their attempt to rebrand their basketball shoes and market them to non-athletic consumers. The shoes were originally designed and marketed for sporting activities, but today, you can see people donning a pair for casual looks and ensembles. So, whether you’re doing a recreational activity, just walking down the streets, going to work, or attending a casual event, athletic sneakers can be a safe bet that won’t make you look out of place. (2)

2. Slip-on sneakers 

For voguish people who don’t like wearing laces on their footwear, slip-on sneakers would very much fit the bill. This classic style is comfy in more ways than one. You can easily slip your feet into the shoe, hence the name. True enough, slip-ons are a fuss-free option for those who are always on the go and won’t sacrifice comfort over anything else. (3)

Styling these sneakers is never a struggle. Slip-ons come in different brands, surfaces, patterns, and colors, making them quite a breeze should you decide to match your attire with a pair. Slip-on shoes also go well with almost any outfit, be it pants, dresses, shorts, or skirts. Just be careful not to wear high socks with them since slip-on sneakers are low rise in style. (3)

3. High-top sneakers 

Although as versatile as most sneakers, when worn with denims, the classic high-tops are best paired with looser fits like boot-cut or slim-cut jeans. This is to offset its slim design, which you can also do by folding the ankles into a cuff. 

High-tops also look cool with shorts and chinos, especially if you’re going for a casual attire. But if you’re style-conscious, you’ll probably find it tricky pairing it with shorts. The secret to this matching is proportion. Try creating a contrast with shorts and tees on the looser side. Then go for a neutral palette for an effortlessly fresh take on this hard-to-pull-off ensemble.

4. Designer or high-end sneakers 

If you’ve been staying in the loop when it comes to the sneakers craze, you’ll know that designer brands are already jumping on the bandwagon. Designer sneakers are designed and manufactured by luxury brands like Balenciaga, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. Although the shoes may come with a hefty price tag, brand-conscious people don’t mind paying for them if it means making a fashion statement while being comfy and bustling at the same time. (1)

Designer sneakers seem to have the ability to make any ordinary outfit look instantly eye-catching. One look and bystanders would already know it’s the real deal, and you get to wear the shoes with confidence. This is one of the reasons why even celebrities love donning an exquisite pair of luxury sneakers any time of the day. To add, styling high-end shoes comes naturally, especially if you already have the knack for fashionable and expensive pieces, to begin with. (2)

5. Leather sneakers 

When it comes to shoes, you won’t get enough of surprising trends and materials that pop up now and then. One classic example is the rise of leather sneakers that some may frown upon. Still, there are those who appreciate the boldness of these shoes. Because of the material, you can expect the price to be somewhat on the expensive side, but it’s an investment that pays for itself as you enjoy the benefits that come with it. (2) (4)

Leather sneakers are perfect for when you’re attending a semi-formal event or occasion, and you want to look polished but not overly so. If you’re able to invest in a good pair, you’ll find that the leather can be soft enough to make your feet feel utterly comfortable even for hours. Moreover, leather often fits like a glove, thus making your overall look chic and dashing at any time. (4)



Sneakers are something you can’t afford to not have in your closet. Whether for your work attire, sporting events, recreational activities, or just about anything else, you can count on this footwear to complete your ensemble and add character to your fashion preference. So go ahead and buy yourself a good pair—whether it’s leather, slip-on, designer, velcro, or athletic sneakers. They’re all versatile when it comes to styling so you’ll never have a hard time mixing and matching them with your favorite wardrobe pieces.




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