Hunger Games‘ recording artist Olivia Rodrigo has released the prequel film ‘The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes’ new track.

And you can listen to the new ‘Hunger Games’ track right here.

The song ‘Can’t catch me now’ was recorded for the new prequel film ‘The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes.’

And it’s an incredible song that has Director Francis Lawrence raving.

hunger games olivia rodrigo

Credit Image: Neilson Bernard/ Getty Images for the Recording Academy

Saying that throughout the franchise, they had been lucky to work with the most talented recording artists.

The director gushed saying that all of them had always perfectly “complemented and underscored the emotion.”

“From the very beginning of this franchise, we have been fortunate to attract some of the world’s most talented recording artists,” Lawrence said.

And Olivia Rodrigo is no exception.

“With her highly charged lyrics and urgent voice, Olivia Rodrigo taps into all of that as much as any artist today.”

Concluding his statement, Lawrence said that Olivia had been a “thrill to work with.”

Fan response to the new ‘Hunger Games’ track has been incredible.

Meanwhile, the fans of the franchise and of Olivia herself have been loving the sound and the clip.

Firstly, the general consensus is that the song is “so good” and that Olivia sounds “awesome.”

So basically, they are loving it!

“Olivia’s voice sounds so freaking good here,” read one post.

While another X post read, “Sounds amazing, her Oscar nomination is comiiing.”

And this post read, “It’s perfect.”

Dozens of posts read similar things, so should we just go ahead and declare the whole film “The Best one Ever?”

So, whether you are a fan of the singer’s music or a fan of the films or even both, no one can deny the prequel has promise.

Because generally, prequels can be tricky regarding success.

For instance, there have been some great prequels like ‘Godfather II’, ‘Mamma Mia II,’ among others.

But there have also been some disasters (Star Wars for example) and some unnecessary ones like Willy Wonka.

Click the link to read about some of the best and worst prequels.

While there is a lot that goes into making a movie successful, we can only hope that all the positivity and excitement will not leave fans disappointed.

At least we know the music will rock!

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