What happened to Ian Somerhalder?

After nearly five years of not being on the screen, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ star Ian Somerhalder opens up about life after Hollywood.

And the father of two sat down exclusively with E!News to talk about his family and his ‘passion project.’

ian somerhalder

Credit Image: Young Hollywood Awards/ Ian Somerhalder

Love, life and family were the theme as Somerhalder talked about his life post acting and he doesn’t regret it.

“I stepped away from acting a little over four years ago “to raise my kids, build my companies and get these films launched.”

An admirable move that makes us love him so much more (we didn’t think that was possible).

Since stepping back from the spotlight, Somerhalder has accumulated a beautiful and diverse lifestyle.

With his wife Nikki Reed, their two children and 18 pets – farm and domesticated, Somerhalder’s life is a “paradise.”

“Walking through the farm with kids and dogs and family, every stop, you’re pulling off of trees or off of bushes, pulling up out of the ground and feeding everyone as you’re moving through the farm.”

Sounds idyllic but the actor revealed “it’s hard work.”

ian somerhalder nikki reed

Credit Image: Instagram/ Ian Somerhalder/ Nikki Reed

Of course, it is, but would any of us have it any other way?

What does life after Hollywood look like for Ian Somerhalder?

Firstly, he and his wife Nikki are a family of four (congrats again guys),

Secondly, to sum up the Somerhalder family, they are family, agriculturalists, environmentalists and entrepreneurs.

Thirdly, daily life for Ian and his family includes, growing their own food, tending to their many animals, his business with Brother’s Bond Bourbon, and his work with the new pet brand -Nutro.

“This was everything I’m about all rolled into one.”

And it also aims to raise up to $300,000 for their Greater Ground soil growth grants.

In order to help farmers transition to healthier practices.

Believing that by doing so, we can combat the effects of climate change.

“By using healthy soil management practices, we are building a secure future today, or tomorrow,” he explained.

What else?

Somerhalder has also produced a few documentaries detailing his efforts for overhauling the agricultural industry.

And since 2020, he has released Kiss the Ground, Common Ground and Greater Ground to raise awareness for healthier soil practices.

The Entrepeneur and father of two looks toward the future.

Ian Somerhalder’s parting words were filled with passion, conviction and left a lasting impression.

“I will be a rancher and building legacy brands, whether it’s my bourbon or my health and wellness company, and the regenerative agriculture and healthy soil management practices that I live by and our family lives by.”

“That’s where my life was going. So, when people say, ‘Why do you care?’ That’s why I care. Because that’s who I am, that’s what I’m going to become.”

We might miss him on our screens, but you can’t help but be happy for him.

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