For your next date night, try one of these romantic, easy-to-plan, and inexpensive at-home dates. You’ll both enjoy spending quality time together, and you won’t even have to leave the house.

When it comes to a movie date, there is so much you can do besides just sitting and watching. Below is a list of movie date ideas for you to try at home.

Surprise Your Date with an Invitation: 

An invitation is expected for events like weddings and gallery openings. But not for a date night, especially not a date night that happens right at home. That is precisely why you should be doing it, to break the monotony of everyday life and to surprise your partner. The least you can do is to buy an invitation card from the store.

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Build A Romantic Blanket Fort:

One of the best things about an at-home movie night is you can snuggle in and be as comfy as you want.

A great way to make a movie date night special is to make a nest or even a fort out of your favourite pillows and blankets. You might even order a few special ones to match the evening, theme them according to the movie you’re watching, or go with a cute design for retro vibes. That way, you’ll have something to remember the night by.

Some tips on building a movie night form include layering sheets, blankets and throws on furniture and building around them. You might need to get some ceiling hooks, hooks on doors, a stand of some sort (like a photo booth or tripod) stand to build a teepee style.

Lighting helps set the romantic tone so consider some battery-operated lights or candles to create a cozy ambiance.

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Movie Date Night With Home Snacks: 

It’s not a movie night without treats. You can take this in a few different directions. Buy what you’d normally get at the movie theatre or an assortment.

Upgrade from the regular microwave bag by popping your own in a home popper – bonus points if you put it in a cute tub like the one you’d get at an actual theatre.

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Movie For Date Night In Ideas: Choose Your Movie Wisely

Steer clear of what you’d normally watch on any given weekday. And no scrolling through Netflix to make your selection.

We all know you’ll get sucked into spending the whole night watching previews. Be a little more deliberate about it, just like you would if you were going to a theatre.

To start, think about movies that are special to you both for some reason. Putting some thought into your choice will help a movie night at home feel as special as a date night out.

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Movie Date Night At Home Dinner Ideas:

After choosing your movie, make a themed meal around it. For example, if your pick is a foreign film, try making cuisine from that country.

For more ideas, check out foodgressing.com.

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