Iggy Azalea reveals she makes ‘so much money’ from OnlyFans after two months on the platform on her latest HighLow with EmRata Podcast!

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OnlyFans, which is a creator-led internet content subscription service, is said to be open to all types of content creators. Last month, Iggy Azalea joined the OnlyFans platform and unveiled “Hotter Than Hell,” her “biggest project” to date on the website.

In addition to “photographs, visual art collaborations, videos, merch, and all kinds of aesthetically attractive, hot as hell things,” “Hotter Than Hell” is a year-long project, according to Azalea. As part of the initiative, she will also release a coffee table book she said.

The Australian rapper revealed that she was earning “so much” money from subscription fees given by users on the platform while speaking on the podcast HighLow with EmRata today, which is hosted by model Emily Ratajkowski.

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Iggy Azalea’s income from OnlyFans

The rapper confessed that she posts nudity on the website when Ratajkowski questioned her about it, but added, “I don’t show vagina, but there are boobs and there is butt, and I am naked.”

Emrata later questioned Azalea about her earnings after becoming curious about how much money she was bringing in from the material. “I’m making so much money that I won’t even say how much it is”, Azalea retorted.

Azalea then said that through sharing content on OnlyFans, she is able to take full control of her body. On her initial days on the site, she recalled, “It was scary when I sat on OnlyFans. I’m someone who shows my breasts or my nudity, I don’t really have a problem with being overtly sexual when I’m in control of it and when I feel it has artistic merit.”

“Every platform is so censored so it makes sense to use this platform,” she claimed. She explained that utilizing the website to share visual work removes the “middle man,” adding that it’s a method for her to take care of herself without having to make any concessions.

Sex Workers Criticize Celebrities Joining OnlyFans

Azalea’s appearance on the website comes after several sex workers who depend on OnlyFans as a source of revenue criticized celebrities who began sharing content on the website.

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Several customers claimed they had been defrauded once Disney star Bella Thorne joined the platform in 2020 and started charging $20 (£16) per month for content behind a paywall that was actually non-nude selfies.

Sex workers criticized Thorne at the same time for “gentrifying” the platform and for charging a premium subscription fee in comparison to what they provide their subscribers.

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