Uh Oh! Iggy Azalea is reportedly trending on Twitter and Reddit- here’s why.

Iggy Azalea is trending on Reddit and Twitter after some of her OnlyFans content was reportedly leaked. According to this article, photos and videos of Azalea topless and twerking have gone viral online.

Could this result in lost income for the rapper who recently launched her exclusive OnlyFans page?

Twitter and Reddit

The Australian rapper is now risking her earnings as these explicit photos and videos have reportedly surfaced online and are now circulating across social networks such as Twitter and Reddit. This article explains that online pirates have distributed the content illegally throughout the itnernet – “even reselling it at a cheaper price on apps like Telegram and Discord.”

Iggy Azalea Instagram

Days ago, Azalea took to her Instagram to share a sneak peek at “what @shazdidthis has been working away at” for the star’s Hotter Than Hell project. She also linked to her Instagram bio for more Art and other information, mentioning that it also lives on her OnlyFans page.

iggy azalea

Image Credit: Iggy Azalea Instagram

Iggy Azalea OnlyFans

As mentioned in this article, it is believed that Azalea has made “upwards of $ 1 million on the platform so far” after recently launching. This is because subscribers to Azalea’s OnlyFans account “need to pay $25 to access” the account. Although Azalea won’t reveal exactly how much she makes on the platform, it’s believed that she’s making quite a bit from her recent launch. Azalea is also selling “pay-per-view content through DMs at a higher price.”

What do you think about Azalea’s OnlyFans content reportedly being leaked online- do you think it will affect her earnings on the platform?

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