The most relatable podcast you’ll ever listen to.

Meet your new favourite podcast. Netflix’s YOU star Penn Badgley is reading your middle school stories and breaking them all down on a podcast co-hosted by Nava Kavelin, and Sophie Ansari.

As detailed on Spotify, the three go into depth about topics such as the heartbreak, anxiety and self-discovery of being a teenager in Podcrushed in which they discuss things like childhood crushes, battles with body hair, and schoolyard scuffles.

Trust us- this is the most relateable podcast you will ever listen to, as the three hosts bring forward user-submitted stories while engaging in -sometimes awkward-conversations about what really goes down in middle school. We love the hosts’ raw conversations about the journey of navigating middle school, in which they draw upon their own experiences to help break it all down.

There are currently 10 episodes available on Spotify to listen to, with episodes dropping weekly.

Listen to Podcrushed today here.