Farming is something that really isn’t as easy as it seems. In most cases, people live with the premise that more effort results in a better outcome. However, it’s important to know that while this is valid, the idea that working smart can produce results that are just as effective and efficient holds true as well. Being productive in less time is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, you can go farming with smarter and innovative hacks to boost your productivity. This article will help you discover 4 simple hacks to boost efficiency on your farm. 


Separate the Compost Matter from Its Dilute Liquid


The foliar sprays always play an essential role in boosting the crop’s productivity. However, most people face a challenge in straining the concentrated mixture of compost, consisting of leaf matter and other remains of the organic waste, as it is difficult for them to use that concentrated mixture through their sprayer. To solve this, you should pour the concentrated compost through an old feed sack. You need to separate the liquid residue from the solid waste material in the compost by pouring it in a gallon through the filter of the sack. Even though this hack is simple, it saves a lot of time. 


Advance the Wheelbarrow Harvest Cart


The Harvest Cart is an essential feature used for farming. It helps in transporting the harvested organic products from the crops to the place of preservation. Most of the people use cans, bins, and other stacks instead of wheelbarrows to rush the harvest out of the field to preserve. However, in bigger fields, where the harvest is huge in the summer, it becomes difficult to preserve the organic veggies and other fruits. To solve this, You can convert your wheelbarrow into a more advanced model by attaching some hooks, snips, and a portable umbrella to it. It will protect the harvest from the harmful rays of the sun throughout the summer, and its detachable feature will help to convert it back to a simple wheelbarrow in winter. You can also use galvanized steel cattle yard systems for a more modern solution compared to traditional cattle farming. One of its major advantages being the increase in cattle flow. The system is also easy to install and requires fewer operators to handle it, hence increasing farming productivity.


Use Agricultural Plastics in Farming


The use of Agricultural Plastic is quite productive when it helps in soil solarization and plasticulture. Most people are unaware of this innovation, which could help you kill harmful pesticides, fungi, and bacteria. In solarization, agriculture plastics are basically used for refining the soil through solarization in a farm. It helps to kill the pesticides and cure the crop diseases in the covered part of the soil through the hot plastic, which usually absorbs the sunlight in the hottest seasons. 

On the other hand, plasticulture is the use of plastic materials in agriculture. It helps to prevent water loss and protect the fruits, vegetables, and leaves by preventing direct contact with the soil. These hacks are recently evolved and help to uncover the use of plastic materials in farming.


Easily Build a Row Marker


The Row Marker is an essential tool for farming. It helps in transplanting and seeding crops, which is important to mark rows in the crop. This marking helps in maintaining a distance between the plants to provide them the right amount of nutrients. So, it helps in cultivation while removing the weed pressure in the crops. This job is an important part of farming, yet it is not necessary to use any professional tools for it. 

You can switch to an easy hack in case you want to take on the task yourself. What you require for this hack is a rake and a number of tube fittings that could be attached to the ends of the rake. The tubes should be made of tight portable plastic of a maximum of 4 inches, that can be easily slid over the pointed tines of the rake and fits tightly. The position of the tubes should be at a bend. Later, you should analyze the distance and start marking the rows according to your requirements for the crops. This will help you plant seeds in a calculated way and will save most of your time.

Farming is quite a difficult task and can be made a bit easier by using several smarter hacks. You should enroll your minds with new innovations to make your farming a bit more productive. By educating yourself about new ways to deal with the process of farming, you can easily save your time and energy and make farming productive in several ways.