The models’ legs revealed themselves in one shadowed lunge as the show began. The first look swayed down the runway – a dress thick in material and fit to the core, with peplum embellishment on the arm and bottom, with tapering that took to the wind of the model’s pace.

The look to follow incorporated a floor long velvet dress with large fur cuffs. These two looks set the tone for a medley of luxurious materials and a kaleidoscope of colours.

Director of Photography: Joshua Davies

Our Fashion Editor caught Son Jung Wan before the big show.


HOLR: How are you feeling right before the show?

SJW: I’m very excited, but also a bit nervous.


HOLR: Good nerves right?

SJW: Of course.


HOLR: How did you get started in fashion initially?

SJW: When I was young I always enjoyed styling. That led me to play more with different textures and I eventually was doing it full-time.


HOLR: You’ve been showing at NYFW since 2011, at this point in your career. Is there any advice you have for young designers who want to showcase at NYFW?

SJW: To be positive, to keep trying, and to keep an open mind. Look for the better things and keep pursuing those.


HOLR: What was your inspiration for the collection we’re about to see?

SJW: I wanted to keep things soft and feminine, yet find a way to mix playfully with seriousness. To show this I used lots of embroidery and lots of colour.

Every year, we can expect a fearless collection from Son Jung Wan. Her approach to design has no rules which are clear in the coordination of colour, pattern, and material, creating unique pieces that catch the eye and resonate with the audience for months to follow.

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