Are Austin McBroom and Riley Simpson dating?

June 19, 2024– According to this TikTo video posted by user @_vidz_00, the caption claims that McBroom and Simpson are reportedly “getting together.”


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Austin McBroom New GF

The clip features Simpson getting interviewed in which rumors are swirling that she is dating McBroom. The interviewer even claims that Austin “loves the hair.”

Now, it is unclear if this is true that the two are together or not as the comment section seems pretty divided.

Austin McBroom Wife

Others have even compared Simpson to McBroom’s ex, Catherine- stating that they allegedly look similar or have the same mannerisms.

Although this is alleged- and we don’t know for certain what their relationship status is- what are your thoughts on these claims?

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Image Credit: @_vidz_00 TikTok, @austinmcbroom Instagram

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