There have been rumors on the internet about Bad Bunny’s newest song. Fans believe that the rapper is talking about Kendall Jenner’s ex-boyfriend. Is there some truth to those rumors? We find out below.

Bad Bunny’s New Track

As reported by Page Six, Bad Bunny is the singer behind the track “Coco Chanel”, which also features Eladio Carrion. The track, which is a part of the album 3MEN2 KBRN, includes Spanish lyrics that translate to “I’m not bad baby, that’s a gimmick / But the Puerto Rico sun is warmer than the one in Phoenix.” The lyrics seem to be a clue that Bad Bunny is referencing his rumored relationship with Kendall Jenner. As it is widely known, Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican and Devin Booker is the guard for the basketball team Phoenix Suns, thus the lyrics might not be so coincidental.

In addition to the lyrics above, there is another verse in the song that mentions “Scorpios are dangerous.” Scorpio happens to be Jenner‘s horoscope sign. The young model’s birthday falls on November 3rd.

Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner broke up last year due to scheduling conflicts and Jenner wanting to focus on her career. The athlete has not been known to date anybody else since, while Jenner allegedly is starting a romance with Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny sang a song

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Devin Booker’s Reaction

Devin Booker has responded to the lyrics of Bad Bunny’s new song, leaving a comment saying “He worried about another MAN again.” Fans have speculated that the NBA player’s comment could be a reference to a time in 2022 when Bad Bunny kissed a male backup dancer during his VMA performance at Yankee Stadium. Bad Bunny has famously been praised for challenging toxic masculinity in the Latinx community.

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