The DJ told Emily Ratajkowski on Tuesday’s episode of her “High Low” podcast that he isn’t “aroused by men that much,” though he did admit, “I’m sure I’ve gotten a blow job from a guy before.”


Diplo claims he is “not not gay” despite not wanting to “define” his sexuality. The DJ confesses that he received oral sex from a man, and although he doesn’t necessarily think it makes him gay, he does acknowledge he might be into dudes just a little bit.

The renowned DJ revealed the information while appearing on Emily Ratajkowski’s show. He said he’s 100% sure he’s “gotten a blow*** from a guy before” though he can’t remember the specifics.

“I’ve gotten a lot of blow jobs, but I don’t know,” he said. “I mean, getting a blow job is not that gay, I think.” Ratajkowski laughed, saying, “I don’t know. You tell me?”

Diplo’s sexual orientation was initially mentioned in the episode by Ratajkowski. She recalled, “We should talk about what you said to me last night, which is that you’re a little gay.” He questioned, “You want to cut right into that? I was really into the social media questions.”

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Diplo then brought up the “hot” woodchopping men who frequently appeared on his page as they talked about TikTok and Instagram. “They’re hot guys. I don’t know if that’s gonna be the thing that’s gonna send me over to the gay side totally,”  he joked when asked if TikTok “tells you that you’re gay.”

Later in the interview, she brought “it back to him being gay.” Adding, “You should be happy, I could be talking to you about your relationships with women only. I like that you’re a little flexible.”

Diplo made clear that he doesn’t “want to define that he’s gay,” adding, “I think the best answer I have is I’m not not gay. There are a couple guys … I could date, life partner-wise.”

“When I was younger, you had gay kids at school and gay cousins or whatever, but it was different than it is now,” he explained. I thought it was, like, weird to be gay.”

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