Eminem Surprise Appearance

During Ed Sheeran‘s concert in Detroit this Saturday, Eminem joined him on stage and surprised the fans by performing two of his hits, Lose Yourself and Stan.

Some concertgoers captured the moment the rapper joined Sheeran on stage, as seen in the clip below:

@hunterwyck EMINEM JUST SHOWED UP TO ED SHEERANS CONCERT IN DETROIT!!!!! #edsheeran #eminem #detroit ♬ original sound – Hunter Wyck

“I wondered if I can play you a cover of an Eminem song tonight. I think you know it. We rehearsed it today — see how it goes.” Ed told the crowd before he began his cover of Lose Yourself.

“I want to say one thing. He was going to come on and do one song, and I say, ‘You can’t come on in Detroit and only do one song, do you want another song?’ ” Ed explained to the fans after Eminem made his surprise appearance.

The duo played a second song together, and before he got off stage, Eminem shouted, “Detroit, I missed ya’ll.”

Ed Sheeran and Eminem Detroit

Eminem and Ed Sheeran

Photo Credit: Twitter/@EdSheeran_EU

Eminem’s surprise appearance during the Saturday concert was highly appreciated by their fans. Some showed their gratitude and joy in the comment section of the TikTok above. “The way I would have passed out. This is a once in a lifetime experience!” one user wrote. “I’m so happy for tiktok so we can all live this experience”, another person said. “This is crazy. It’s also amazing how Em sounds the exact same. Incredible.” a third fan wrote.

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