Reese Witherspoon went viral after an incident involving snow. HOLR has the details.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @reesewitherspoon, the star made the best of the snowy weather by using the snow to make “Chococinnos.”

Image Credit: @reesewitherspoon TIkTok

The actress put some snow into cups and added salted caramel syrup and some chocolate syrup. Then, she added some cold brew coffee overtop. She called her creation the “Snow Salt Chococinno.”

Reese Witherspoon Snow

Following that TikTok video going viral, Witherspoon supposedly received some backlash for consuming the snow as some commenters claimed that you can allegedly get sick from eating snow.

Witherspoon then made a follow-up Tiktok video here where she showed microwaved snow from her backyard in which she claimed it was clear and questioned if it was bad or not. “Am I not supposed to eat snow?” she asked.

According to this article, the fresher the snow the less likely it is to be contaminated however, not all snow is deemed allegedly safe to eat. It is advised that people do not consume snow that is on the ground due to it being in contact with potential contaminants and toxins, as noted here.

Is it safe to eat fresh snow?

Witherspoon posted an update on her Instagram story today citing a source that seemingly claimed snow is okay to eat as long as it’s “freshly fallen.”

Image Credit: @reesewitherspoon Instagram

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