The changing of the seasons is a unique phenomenon that everyone can experience. However, this yearly happening can also be considered an enemy for many people who are not prepared for it. It’s going to be really hard for your body if you don’t plan on what to do. Here are tips on how to prepare yourself. 

Good Clothing Is The Key To Surviving Cold Weather

One of the best ways to beat the cold weather is by wearing appropriate clothing. Since people are not able to freeze in their own skin, they need to wear thick clothes or costumes as soon as winter comes in. It’s a good idea to buy certain clothes in bulk for this purpose. Buying bulk socks, for instance, will be a wise decision for you to save money. One thing you should remember is that if one wears too many layers of clothes, it’s going to be very hard or even impossible for him/her to move freely. 


This will cause your body temperature to go down when you start feeling heavy and uncomfortable in those layers. What you should do is balance the number of clothes with the kind where your body can still breathe well but also stay warm from the cold. For example, instead of wearing two pairs of thick pants, put on a jumper or extra-thick trousers and wear one pair of thick pants.

Don’t Forget Underwear

Outerwear is not the only thing you need to prepare for cold weather. You also need to prepare the clothing underneath your thick outerwear. Choose clothes that are fitting for winter if you want to keep yourself comfortable and warm all day. This way, it’s not going to be hard at all to make it until spring comes around. If you have children living with you, make sure they are properly dressed too because their bodies cannot handle extremely cold temperatures as well as adults can.

Frequently Wash Clothes To Avoid Cold Germs

Apart from wearing good clothing, it’s also important to wash these clothes regularly. There are several reasons for this that you should know of.


Most importantly, by not washing your clothes frequently or correctly; cold germs will accumulate in them and the next time you wear them, you’ll get sick easily because the cold germs were transferred from the clothes into your body. Then, dirty clothes can give off a bad odor that could possibly cause other people around you to feel uncomfortable with it.


It would be a good thing to have quick washes in large volumes of water so that germs will come off quickly without being able to accumulate on the clothes.


Even if you do have quick washes from time to time, it’s still recommended that you wash your clothes in washing machines often and separately from other types of clothing because they are prone to get dirty faster than others. 


The amount of detergent used when washing must be enough as well. If too little is used, the cold germs won’t be removed properly. However, if too much is used, it’s only going to cause a burden on your pocket and harm the environment as well. The best solution would be to find out the amount of detergent needed by taking into consideration your type of clothes.

Be Careful With What You Eat 

You must know that in wintertime, the air is mostly dryer than usual. This is why when you go outside and the air gets into your stomach through your mouth, it will not feel so good and warm anymore. If you eat a lot of dry foods for breakfast such as crackers, bread, or even cereals; after some time, these foods are going to be harder to digest because they have become even drier in your stomach from being exposed to all that cold air out there. The best way for you to prevent this problem is by eating food with water inside them. Examples would be oatmeal, soups, and also fruits.

Take Your Time When Driving On Snow Or Ice

As soon as winter comes around, it’s normal for people who live in areas where snow frequently falls to have to drive on snow and ice. Although this may be a bit challenging, it’s still possible for you to handle it. To avoid the bad consequences of doing this; you must make sure that your car is ready in case it slides or skids off the road. Also, keep in mind that taking sharp corners while driving could lead to an accident due to loss of control. If you want, ask other people who are driving with you if they can take over so you’ll be able to rest from time to time while traveling long distances at high speeds.


To make it through cold days without feeling miserable, you have to prepare not just yourself but also the clothing you are going to wear. Remember that many things affect your body temperature so try to avoid them if possible as much as you can. Following these tips are going to provide good benefits for your health and comfort too. 


Published on Holr Magazine