Fans Accuse Jordyn Woods Of Using Ozempic For Weight Loss Purposes

Jordyn Woods (25) causes some heads to turn online recently as her followers accuse her of using the Ozempic injection to lose weight.

The former Karjenner family friend took to Instagram to share some shots of her which are the cause of these allegations.


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How Did Jordyn Woods Lose Weight?

After this picture was posted,  comments soon filled with accusations of the model using Ozempic in order to lose weight.

One user commented;

‘The world is on Ozempic’

Another commented;

‘When do you stop using Ozempic?’

Image Credit: Chad Salvador/Shutterstock for PLT

Even though there are some comments accusing Woods of using the injectable, there are a majority of people defending the Instagram star.

One follower commented;

‘It’s funny reading these comments. A lot of people are saying she and other celebrities are on Ozempic and maybe they are. What’s the problem with that? What’s the problem with celebrities wanting to lose weight and work out. Anyone has options like that. Anyone can walk into their doctor’s office and ask for a weight loss aid and probably get it if needed. What’s the harm in that? Even if you get on a pill to help you lose weight you as a person have to do the work to get the muscle she has. The muscle she obtained didn’t come from ozempic I can tell you that right now.’

‘With that being said why hate? If anyone was in similar situations they would make the same move period. Just be happy for the girl because you can tell she has worked very hard and I think that’s awesome. She is a better version of herself. Now a lot of celebrities have amazing gyms, chefs that cook amazing healthy meals, and some of the best trainers. I completely feel like she did the majority of her weight loss naturally and if she didn’t who cares she looks amazing.’

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