Kenneth and Brittany called it quits on the latest episodes of Love is Blind and audience members are wondering if there is another reason for this split. HOLR breaks down the rumors.

Kenneth Love is Blind Season 6

During the latest episode drop of Love is Blind, it was revealed that Kenneth and Brittany have called their relationship quits. Although the duo had deep and meaningful conversations, they mutually agreed that they weren’t each other’s person. Brittany stated that the duo didn’t have the same affectionation they had in the pods, in real life. Brittany longed for them to “crave” one another but this seemingly wasn’t the case in the real world.

Kenneth Love is Blind Gaslighting

The pair “respectfully” split as you can see in this clip from the show posted by user @lawwalks on TikTok.

However, some people in the comment section of the above video allegedly think that Kenneth gaslit Brittany into the breakup based on his choice of words.

Kenneth Love is Blind Phone

When Brittany and Kenneth called it quits, fans were puzzled by the duo’s split It seemed as though it came out of nowhere and Kenneth didn’t fight for Brittany. Kenneth was also seemingly on his phone a lot when Brittany would try to converse with him, which came across as him seemingly ignoring her from the audience.

Fans were wondering if there was another reason why the couple split- could Kenneth be gay? This is all a rumor as Kenneth and Brittany evidently had an emotional connection and they seemed to have physical attraction to one another in the beginning stages of their relationship. It is unclear how this rumor started, but there is no concrete evidence to support claims that Kenneth is gay- the pair split because they weren’t each other’s person perfect match, as they so originally thought.

Kenneth and Brittany Breakup

There were also rumors of infidelity going around because it was allegedly revealed that Kenneth stayed out with his “mentor” until 1 am. This was not discussed further on the show but people were thinking about this comment.

These are just rumors that are spreading online because we don’t have the full story- when the cast is able to tell their side of the story following the episodes airing we will have a clearer understanding of what happened between the two.

What do you think about Kenneth and Brittany?

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Image Credit: @lawwalks TikTok