Jeramey and Sarah Ann from the latest season of Love is Blind were reportedly spotted out together, feeling dating rumors.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @storytimewithrikkii, Jeramey, and Sarah Ann were recently seen out and about together.

Jeramey and Sarah Ann Love is Blind

A photo of the duo was supposedly posted on Reddit of a recent outing featuring the pair, as the TikToker claims in the video. This has further fueled dating rumors following Jeramey’s breakup with his ex-fiancée Laura on the latest episode drop of Love is Blind season 6.

Sarah Ann and Jeramey

Sarah Ann has also reportedly been posting all over social media lately, which seemingly shows her in Jeramy’s house (however, this remains unconfirmed). As the TikToker claims, the newest season of Love is Blind allegedly finished filming in May of 2023 so if this is actually the case then the pair have been together for approximately a year (if they are in fact dating).

Although the pair have not publically commented on their current relationship- since the season is still airing-what do you think about the pair allegedly dating?

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Image Credits: @storytimewithrikkii TikTok and @lutinskij Instagram