Rumor has it that Lady Louise is the new Duchess of Sussex. Is this true? HOLR breaks down the alleged rumors and whether Meghan Markle’s title was affected. 

Lady Louise Sussex

According to this TikTok video posted by user @royalgeekyme, the rumor regarding Lady Louise being appointed the new Duchess of Sussex title is reportedly not true despite online claims. This wild rumor started running rampant online recently, in which internet users were led to believe that Meghan Markle lost her Duchess of Sussex title and Lady Louise was appointed the new Duchess of Sussex. This, however, is reportedly not the case as one TikToker explains below.

Lady Louise Sussex Title

Lady Louise Sussex Title

As noted in the TikTok video, Lady Louise is the daughter of Sophie Rhys-Jones and Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh.  Supposedly, since Lady Louise is not a male nor is she a son of or a grandson of a sovereign (she is the niece), she cannot inherit a dukedom. She will reportedly always be Lady Louise unless she marries another titled man or decides to take on the title of Princess Louise now that she is over the age of 18.

As the law stands now, King Charles III would have to reputedly introduce a new Bill to Parliament for Louise or any of the female members of the family to take a Duke title if this were allegedly the case.

Is Meghan Markle the Duchess of Sussex?

Allegedly- as of right now- Meghan Markle is still the Duchess of Sussex.

What are your thoughts on this alleged rumor making its rounds online?

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