What is the current situation with Prince Harry and Meghan?

It has been 1000+ days since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the move to the US but what have they really achieved since then? After the royal couple made the announcement that they were choosing financial independence and stepping away from their Royal duties in 2020, they made a number of lucrative business deals.

While announcing their 100-million-dollar Netflix deal, the couple also announced a series of large projects the biggest being the six-part series ‘Harry & Meghan’ which has reportedly been a huge disappointment, however, Netflix officials are saying they are not cancelling the Sussex’s deal. The other projects including the couple’s Spotify deal, reportedly worth 20 million, have been canceled after poor performances and not producing enough content according to unconfirmed sources. Meanwhile, the Duke of Sussex’s book ‘Spare‘ has been panned as one of the most ‘discarded’ books as not even the people believe a word of the content with some labeling the book as a ‘tantrum’ watch the video here.

The string of bad luck that seems to follow this couple like an angry shadow has gotten ridiculous and one can’t help but think that yes, their hopes of building a media empire are all but over.

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Why did Meghan Markle lose the Spotify deal?

As mentioned, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have ended their Spotify deal after only producing one series over the course of the entire period. Insiders with Spotify have blasted the Sussex’s calling them ‘grifters’, suggesting that the couple were not worth the deal that was made with them.

Are Harry and Meghan unlucky?

Are the Sussexes just bad at business or are their outside forces influencing them and their ability to find success? Well, the Duke and Duchess certainly think so. Although nothing has been confirmed by the Sussexes themselves, unidentified sources out of L.A. have said that the couple believes that they have been “really unlucky.” The sources are also saying that they have been blaming everything from the pandemic to the loss of the Queen and Prince Phillip for the downturn in being able to build careers in the private sector, see full story here.

Is it possible though that they have only themselves to blame? That the method they have chosen to be independent has done more harm to their cause and image than any outside forces? Personally, the Sussexes have such potential to succeed all on their own, they just need to find a better way to do it.

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