Is Sarah Hyland Pregnant

Recently, speculation has arisen online regarding a possible pregnancy for Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams. Fans have been speculating about a potential pregnancy after Hyland’s appearance in photos from the “Modern Family” reunion, even though she is seen wearing a shirt that shows her midriff where there is seemingly no bump visible. The rumors remain unconfirmed by the couple, and there hasn’t been any official statement addressing these speculations.

Modern Family Reunion Sarah Hyland Pregnant

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams recently marked their first wedding anniversary in August with a heartfelt exchange on social media. The “Modern Family” actor took to Instagram to share a sweet tribute to her husband, capturing the essence of their joyful journey together.

In her post, Hyland expressed her astonishment at how swiftly their first year of marriage had passed, emphasizing the joy and love she feels being married to Adams. The accompanying pictures captured candid moments from their wedding day, showcasing the couple’s playful and loving bond.

Is Sarah Hyland Pregnant

Describing Adams as her best friend and “true north,” Hyland poured out her love, stating, “I love you more than words can say, and every day is the best day when I’m with you.” Her genuine affection and admiration for Adams were evident as she highlighted the sheer happiness she finds in their marriage.

Adams, equally surprised and overwhelmed by his wife’s heartfelt post, humorously affirmed his love for her in the comments. “But I love you more. So there’s that,” he charmingly replied, echoing the beautiful affection they share.

On their anniversary, Adams reciprocated the sentiment with his own Instagram tribute, addressing Hyland as his “perfect wife.” He reiterated his love for her, playfully adding, “I love you more. Plus one. Anything you say.”

Their love story began through social media connections and blossomed into a beautiful relationship, leading to their engagement in 2019 after almost two years of dating. The couple encountered a delay in their wedding plans due to the pandemic but eventually exchanged vows in August 2022.

Their wedding day was graced by Hyland’s “Modern Family” co-stars, including Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Sofia Vergara, Ariel Winter, and Nolan Gould, reflecting the close-knit bond they share not only as a couple but also within their professional circles.

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