A TikToker took to the platform to discuss a Taylor Swift deep dive so HOLR is breaking down the alleged rumors. 

TikToker @kales_o did a deep dive into Taylor Swift via Twitter and revealed some interesting comparisons between her and Dusty Springfield, who was an English singer. She also brought about an interesting question regarding whether or not Swift could be gay based on some interesting rumors and topics people have been discussing online lately.


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Taylor Swift Dusty Springfield Copy?

According to the TikToker, Swift’s new colourful CDs for “1989” bear a resemblance to Springfield’s album cover, “Am I The Same Girl.” Springfield reportedly also dropped “Reputation” as her reentry into the music scene after allegedly being blacklisted for coming out as bisexual in 1971. Swift also has an album labeled “Reputation.”

The TikToker also notes that Swift’s cover art and some song lyrics seemingly mimic that of Springfield as well. Allegedly, “You Don’t Own Me” by Springfield is also reportedly the last song that plays right before Swift takes the stage. Springfield also reportedly left her wealth to her cat when she passed away- and so does future Swift in the Anti-Hero video! It’s also interesting to note that the TikToker claims Swift was singing to Karlie Kloss in the crowd during a recent tour stop where you can reportedly hear her using female pronouns in the song.

To end off the video, the TikToker claims everything Swift does is “so lesbian mastermind.”

Although this is all speculation regarding the star, what do you think about this alleged Swift deep dive?

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