Who sang at the Lions halftime show?

Jack Harlow slammed for “worst halftime show ever,” while Dolly Parton is praised.

From the awful Lions performance on the field and Jack Harlow’s equally horrible performance, fans are saying Harlow “ruined” their Thanksgiving.

Jack Harlow Lions Performance Mocked

Credit Image: Jeff Faughender/Courier Journal and USA Today

So, what happened?

For starters, fans criticised the low budget set, but the clincher was that the hometown spirit was already at an all-time low.

And Harlow’s halftime performance inevitably flopped.

Also, fans believed that the rapper had “no chance” with the laughable stage setup- mocking it as a “Mall Santa setup.”

It somehow seems fitting that the halftime show fell as flat as the Lions loss to the Packers 29-22.

Fans trolled Jack Harlow.

And they were not kind about it either.

Nor were they understanding about it.

What halftime show is Dolly Parton performing?

Meanwhile, Dolly Parton‘s performance at the Dallas Cowboy’s Thanksgiving game was simply superb.

dolly parton performs at NFL halftime Cowboys

Credit Image: Jerome Miron-USA /USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con

And fans have wasted no time at all in praising Dolly Parton and her fabulous set while simultaneously mocking Jack Harlow.

Clink the link to see Dolly Parton’s Dallas Halftime performance and enjoy her incredible set.

After stepping out onto the field in full Dallas cheerleader getup, Dolly Parton acknowledged her partnership with the Salvation Army and began her set with hit ‘Jolene.’

Following ‘Jolene,’ Parton wowed with her other hit ‘9 to5’ and to close out her set, Parton performed her own rendition of Queens ‘We Will Rock You/ We Are the Champions.’

Which can be found on her new Album ‘Rockstar.’

Clearly the more superior halftime shows and game with the Cowboys victory over the Commanders 45-10.

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