Jaclyn Hill has allegedly received a lot of backlash after launching her loungewear and blanket brand, KOZE. HOLR is breaking down the latest.

Influencer and beauty guru, Jaclyn Hill, is allegedly receiving a lot of backlash after the launch of her KOZE line, which features a collection of loungewear, slippers, blankets, and more, as part of its first launch. So much so, that her ex-friend and business partner- Marlena Stell (owner of Makeup Geek) has taken to social media to speak her supposed truth about Hill.

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics

Over the past couple of years, Jaclyn has relaunched her original Jaclyn Cosmetics makeup brand and has since launched successful highlighters, face products, and more under her updated beauty brand. This launch follows the failed “lipstick gate” catastrophe of her initial Jaclyn Cosmetics launch back in 2019.

Jaclyn Hill Jewelry 

Hill announced a new endeavor, Jaclyn Roxanne, a jewelry line that would sell luxe jewelry pieces for affordable prices. However, in recent months, Hill has been accused of allegedly stealing some of another designer- Lana Jewelry– designs.

This YouTube video from user Spill Sesh explains all of the alleged drama to date.

Jaclyn Hill KOZE

Hill’s latest brand- KOZE- has received a ton of backlash since its launch. Hill is allegedly being accused of stealing the idea from a small creator’s brand “All Things Koze.” According to this Reddit thread, the creator of All Things Koze allegedly discussed having to close her brand because of Jaclyn launching KOZE.

Check out this comment that explains the alleged conversation between the brand owner and Hill, below:

“The original creator of Koze talks about having to end her brand because of Jaclyn launching her brand Koze.

Some highlights:

She talks about asking Jaclyn back in July to please consider naming the company something different (Jaclyn’s brand wasn’t trademarked yet) and that prompted Jaclyn to file for TM rather than choose another name. Feels that she should have trademarked earlier.

Feels that she can’t wear her Koze hoodies or other merch because people will confuse it with support for Jaclyn’s brand.

Her brand used to be the only one when you Googled it, now it’s not.

Feels bad about commenting on Jaclyn’s posts about the brand while in defensive mode.

Her lawyers said she would have a case because even though Jaclyn trademarked, her business has been around longer and has brand recognition, but it would cost $95,000. She doesn’t want the drama that would come along with suing Jaclyn and doesn’t want to hurt her.

She doesn’t name Jaclyn at all in the video and seems to be taking the high road and will just start over and rebrand.”

As of right now, Hill’s brand KOZE is still operating. However, it seems as though her previous KOZE bestseller- The Cuddle Me Blanket- has reportedly been rebranded under a new tab on the website called, Throws.

Marlena Stell Reddit

Stell and Hill have a longstanding history as friends and -at one point- business partners. However, Hill and Stell are no longer acquaintances after Hill allegedly screwed over Stell during a collaboration, losing her brand at the time, Makeup Geek, $1 million (this is the amount that was allegedly invested into product to be sold).

Now, Marlena is spilling the tea in a Reddit post, all about Hill. Stell is calling out the beauty guru on her alleged behavior and those she’s “done dirty.”

Check out a snippet of the post, below:

marlena stell jaclyn hill

Image Credit: REDDIT

Hill has yet to respond directly to Stell in regard to the alleged accusations made in the above post.

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