TV Director Calls Out James Corden For Being “Most Difficult” and “Most Obnoxious” Presenter

As James Corden’s time on air comes to a close, it seems a lot of people are speaking out against him for his behaviour towards other people.

Image Credit: CBS

Craig Duncan, who worked with Corden on ‘The Late Late Show’ back in 2013, recalls his horrible experience with the TV Host.

In a Youtube video, Duncan goes into detail about the previous encounters.

“[There was] kind of a joke in there, and he just looked at it like, ‘That’s not funny, that’s not funny. It’s shit. We have to rewrite that.’” He recalls the time when there was a skit using cards.

Despite Duncan attributing Corden’s behaviour to a bad day, the British talk shows host’s negative attitude reportedly persisted even when the crew required only five minutes to capture the shot.

“We were working it out when old bugger-lugs pipes up,” Craig Duncan stated, “[He said,] ‘What the f–k is going on here? It’s obvious what you do. It’s so obvious how you shoot it, you’re stupid.’”

Duncan also recalls Corden showing up 45 minutes late after calling a 5-minute break period.

Other Encounters

This is not the first we’ve heard of Corden and his behaviour.

Instagram gossip page, DeuxMoi, has received confessions about his behaviour and most of them not being positive.

Via Instagram @DuexMoi

The confession starts by mentioning the TV hosts to stay clear of in the industry,

“I was someone post that he was a pleasure to work with, but when it comes to anyone “lower level”. he’s a jerk,” The individual submitted, “At the beginning of his career, he was lovely, then the ego got to his head.”

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