Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck headed for a split? 

HOLR breaks down the latest claims involving the duo.

Jennifer Lopez Divorce

According to this updated TikTok video posted by user @celebriteablinds, rumors of Ben and Jen headed for a split sometime soon are running rampant online.


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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

A blind item from back in November of 2023 alleged that the pair were headed for a split. Now- just a few short months later- rumors are running wild online again that Ben has reportedly now moved out. It was also previously alleged that Ben had started drinking again as the blind item TikToker alleged in November. However, this was not confirmed.

Now it seems as though the duo are in the middle of some rumors that claim an alleged divorce is coming sooner than we think, with alleged reports claiming that Ben has recently moved out. This news follows Jennifer’s latest project flops where she shares the love story of her and Ben.

Again- these rumors and claims have not been officially confirmed- they are all speculation. But what are your thoughts? 

What do you think about these alleged claims? 

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Image Credit: @celebriteablinds TikTok, @jlo Instagram

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