Jennifer Lopez has a new movie ready to stream on Netflix this Mother’s Day! The thriller ‘Mother’ features the actress as an assassin on a mission. We have more details below.

Jennifer Lopez’s New Action Netflix Movie

As noted by CNN, the trailer for the movie reveals that Lopez plays the role of a mother who must rescue her daughter from a group of evil thugs. Set in a snowy wilderness, the movie starts when the 12-year-old daughter is kidnapped from the playground and two other characters warn Lopez’s character that she needs to hide to keep her child safe.

It is implied that the child has never known her mother but has to learn to trust her. Jennifer Lopez‘s character gave the daughter up shortly after giving birth. “I’m a killer, but I’m also a mother and I will die protecting her,” Lopez’s character can be heard saying in the trailer.

The tagline for the movie is “Vengeance is a mother.”

Lopez’s character will end up teaching the daughter “how to survive in face of danger,” Variety reported. Coming out on May 12th, the movie will be heavy on themes like revenge but also a parent’s fierce love. Viewers can anticipate many high-speed chase scenes, fighting scenes, and incredible performances.

The Mother movie promotion

Image credit: Instagram/Jennifer Lopez/@jlo

Compliments for Jennifer Lopez’s Acting Skills

Director Niki Caro has praised Lopez for her acting skills. She believed that Lopez “brings her legendary skills and precision to the action element, but also bring her strength as a dramatic actor and her experience as a mother right to the heart of the movie.” Caro also said that the movie is all about featuring a badass mother front and center, instead of having a mother as an appendage to other, more interesting characters. The director wants the movie, which features a mother “hard-wired to protect a child”, to be a gift to audiences and mothers everywhere.

Image credit: Instagram/Jennifer Lopez?@jlo

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