Clay from Love is Blind admitted that he was scared to cheat and worried about the idea of marriage. HOLR breaks down each time AD seemingly ignored the signs.

In Love Is Blind season six, one of the engaged couples Clay and AD had already had a rocky beginning. As the show progressed and the couple got to know each other Clay seemed to subtly reveal his true colours.

Clay Love is Blind Cheating

In episode seven, AD and Clay were chatting by the ocean, after a bit of lively conversation Clay seemed to shut down. Once AD asked what was on his mind, Clay shared he was worried about letting AD down.

Later in the episode when the couples settled into their new apartments Clay opened up about his dad. He revealed that he grew up seeing his father cheat and that it became a regular thing. He said that his parents were best friends but his father still continued to cheat on his mother. Clay also admitted that he had never seen a black relationship where the man was faithful to their partner.

He concluded the conversation by saying he frequently has the fear of if he’s able to be with one person, “Even with me loving you, like everything, it’s just the marriage part is just it’s — an unknown thing for me,” he claimed.

AD and Clay Love is Blind

In episode 12 when it is finally time for couples to meet at the altar, AD ends up with her heart broken. Once she said yes and it was Clay’s turn, he said no. He explained that he loves her but it would not be responsible for him to say “I do.”

Clay seemingly revealed subtle hints about his struggle with the idea of getting married all along, but AD tried to see the best in Clay- despite him showing some alleged red flags throughout the season.

What are your thoughts regarding the pair’s relationship- did AD ignore red flags from Clay all season long?

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