Leaked texts? The Love is Blind reunion just aired so let’s talk about it.

The Love is Blind Season 4 Reunion just aired so let’s talk about the leaked text messages between Jackie and her friend.

Jackie Love is Blind

Jackie and Marshall were one of the couples who got engaged after meeting in the pods. Their relationship soon turned sour after they got into multiple fights. Jackie ended up leaving Marshall during the show and reaching out to former contestant, Josh, to give their relationship a try.

Jackie and Josh are still currently dating, one year after the show was filmed.

Love is Blind Jackie Text Messages

As noted here, a TikToker (@justasknadia) reportedly shared some supposed leaked text messages from Jackie that allegedly referenced that she was dating both Marshall and Josh at the same time- which she seemingly denied doing at the reunion tonight.

In one of the texts, Jackie allegedly says “my baby” when sharing a video of her and Josh. She also reportedly stated “He’s hard fosho but sometimes he can be SWEET,” and “he gives me vibes YALL.”.

In the leaked texts, she also seemingly said: “We haven’t had sex in like 2 week.” In one text message, she makes a possible homophobic comment stating  Marshall had “sugar” in his “tank.”

Love is Blind Leaked Texts

Check out the TikTok revealing the supposed leaked messages below:


Marshall seemingly responds to the Jackie Text messages that were released anonymously on IG #loveisblind #realitytv #loveisblindnetflix #lib4

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Keisha Love is Blind

Keisha from Love is Blind was briefly introduced at the reunion special when it was brought about that she reached out to Marshall after his breakup with Jackie. Keisha was another contestant on Season 4 and both her and Marshall exchanged texts and went on one date together after his breakup. However, the two are not currently together and their relationship was fairly short-lived.

During her chat with host Vanessa, Jackie alleged that Marshall wanted the ring back to propose to another cast member- likely Keisha- but MArshall shut down that claim, He stated he wanted the ring back because it was a “symbol” of his love.

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