Kenneth and Brittany took to social media to share a TikTok video together. HOLR breaks down the alleged claims.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @postivelyuncensored Kenneth and Brittany posted a TikTok video together and fans are confused. “What does it mean?” questioned the TikToker in the clip.

Kenneth and Brittany Love is Blind

“What is happening,” the TikToker goes on to say. In the viral video (posed by @bmills123), Brittany is in the frame, and seemingly locks her lips with her fingers, throwing away the imaginary “key” into thin air. Then, out walks Kenneth to catch the “key.” The caption reads, “Don’t tell anyone.”

Are the duo sharing a secret we don’t know about?

Kenneth and Brittany Reddit

The two famously broke off their engagement during this season of Love is Blind season 6 and fans have been curious about where the duo stand ahead of the reunion episode set to drop tomorrow. Fans have been anxiously awaiting the reunion as we will soon find out where the couples from Season 6 are now.

Kenneth Love is Blind Gay?

There have been theories regarding Brittany and Kenenth’s relationship, including rumors that Kenneth might be gay. Fans thought this theory was verified with Kenneth allegedly walking out of a “closet” in the above viral video, but, these rumors remain unconfirmed and are just speculation. Kenenth has not come forward to address these alleged claims.

With the reunion set to drop on Netflix tomorrow, we will hopefully find out Brittany and Kenenth’s relationship status as well as where they stand with one another. Will they address this viral video? Only time will tell as they continue to keep fans guessing.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet regarding the duo possibly being back together. There is a lot of speculation surrounding the couple but we will have to tune in tomorrow night to see where they stand.

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Image credits: @postivelyuncensored TikTok, @bmills123 TikTok