Did Jess on Perfect Match Season 2 have a secret boyfriend while filming?

Jess on Perfect Match

HOLR breaks down the alleged claims.

Jess Perfect Match Season 2

June 15, 2024- According to this TikTok video posted by user @storytimewithrikkii, rumor has it that Jess Vestal allegedly had a boyfriend while filming Perfect Match Season 2.

Jess and Harry Perfect Match

It is alleged that she may have cheated on her boyfriend at the time Harry Jowsey- who is her current match on the show. As the TikToker explains, Ariel Gomerez, who also starred in Love is Blind Season 6 with Jess, although he did not get any airtime on the show.

The TikToekr previously claimed that Ariel was Jess’ other connection on Love is Blind but it wasn’t aired. Allegedly, the pair dated since Love is Blind filming wrapped. Jess also claimed- only 3 months ago- that she had a relationship with someone from the pods on Nick Viall’s podcast, as the TikToker notes.

Jess Vestal Perfect Match

Allegedly, rumors have been running rampant online that Jess and Ariel started dating immediately after Love is Blind filming wrapped. Perfect Match Season 2 was filmed in August 2023 while Love is Blind Season 6 was filmed a few months before Perfect Match Season 2 aired.

Ariel and Jess have allegedly been on vacations together. met each other families, he moved to Charlotte, etc. Ariel also reportedly supported Jess’ decision to go on Perfect Match Season 2 reportedly.

However, we now see that Jess and Harry have built a strong connection in Perfect Match Season 2- so much so that she calls him her “husband.” As the TikToker notes, it is alleged that Jess ended things with Ariel while he was helping her watch her daughter because she wanted to become a “reality star.” Again, this is alleged.

Jess and Ariel Love is Blind

Jess and Harry reportedly dated after Perfect Match Season 2 because photos of the pair of them together started circulating online. However, it is alleged that they broke up in October 2023 so they fated for approximately 2 months. It is alleged Jess ghosted Harry which caused their relationship to fail.

The TikToker further explains that it is alleged Jess went back to Ariel and the pair have been together ever since as he welcomed her back. Jess and Ariel were reportedly spotted together recently, as well, further seemingly confirming relationship rumors.

What are your thoughts on these alleged claims surrounding Jess and Perfect Match Season 2?

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