Are Kariselle and Damian from “Perfect Match” dating? Netflix’s “Perfect Match” stars are sparking dating rumors after being spotted together.

According to this TikTok posted by user @zacharyreality, Kariselle, and Damian- “Perfect Match” stars- are sparking dating rumors after being spotted together!


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The duo took to Instagram to promote a joint collaboration, as mentioned by the TikToker. The pair look pretty cozy and do make a cute couple, if we do say so ourselves! Below is the series of photos Damian and Kariselle posted of the two on Instagram, causing fans to believe that the two are together.


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So, are Kariselle and Damian dating?

According to Kariselle’s response to comments, they are not. However, interestingly enough, Francesca- who dated Damian on “Perfect Match”- ships the two as a couple! Fun fact-  Damian and Kariselle BOTH made out with Francesca while on the Netflix reality show.

Check out Francesca and Kariselle’s comments on Kariselle’s joint post with Damian, shutting down rumors, below.

damian and kariselel perfect match

Image Credit: @damian_powers and @kariselle Instagram

Although Kariselle denies that the pair are dating, there may still be future hope for a connection between the two!

Are Kariselle and Damian still together?

New Update: Kariselle and Joey regretfully announce that their relationship has come to an end. Reflecting on Joey’s comparison of them to “Batman and Robin,” Kariselle couldn’t help but wonder who played the role of Robert Pattinson in their dynamic. She jests that perhaps it would have been more fitting for Joey to liken them to Batman and Catwoman, as every woman aspires to embody the allure of Catwoman!

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