Jessica Simpson is going viral for her new post with Chicken of the Sea.

Jessica Simpson is going viral for her new ad with Chicken of the Sea, which she is featured in alongside her daughter. Check out the video here on TikTok posted by user @chickenofthesea.

Jessica Simpson Chicken Of The Sea

Image Credit: @chickenofthesea TikTok

Jessica Simpson Chicken of the Sea

In the short clip, Simpson can be seen eating Chicken of the Sea and telling her daughter not to get confused that it’s Tuna and not actually Chicken. Her daughter asks her, “Who would ever get confused by that,” to which Simpson responds, “No one, not your mom.”

This ad is seemingly playing off of one of Simpson’s most viral moments in TV history when she was featured on Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica with her then-husband, Nick Lachey. During one of the episodes of their reality series, Simpson can be seen eating Chicken of the Sea and asking Nick if what she’s eating is actually Chicken or Fish.

Jessica Simpson and Husband

Check out the clip here reposted by user @mrssallyj.

“I know it’s Tuna but it says Chicken,” claims Simpson, referring to the brand. Lachey seemingly looks back at her bewildered for asking the question.

“Is that stupid?” asks Simpson. Lachey doesn’t answer her question and goes back to watching TV, looking back at her multiple times. “You act like you’ve never had Tina before,” claims Lachey in the clip. “Chicken of the Sea is the brand,” says Lachey in the TikTok video, trying to gently explain it to Simpson.

Simpson’s latest ad is a full circle moment for the star, who went viral for the then-clip.

Image Credit: @chickenofthesea TikTok

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