A scene from Perfect Macth Season 2 shows contestant Alara Taneri crying and host Nick Lachey seemingly ignoring her.

Alara Perfect Match

June 15, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @positivelyuncensored, episode 7 of Perfect Match Season 2 saw Alara running to the bathroom allegedly in tears.

In this episode, Alara is chosen to go on a date with Nigel while her match- Stevan- was chosen to go on a date with Brittan. Both duos admitted to having great dates with Stevan admitting that Birttan is definitely his physical type. How also alleged that he got on great with Brittan during their interaction.

This seemingly ignited emotions in Alara as she has been matched with Stevan. After host Nick Lachey tells the cast to find their Perfect Match, Alara can be seen exiting the toom and running to the bathroom in which her co-star, Harry, can be heard telling people that she is reportedly crying.

However, in the same scene. we see Nick Lachey exiting the house, looking at Alara crying, and leaving- this left fans wondering why he didn’t step back in and help or interject. This sparked a lively debate in the comment section of the above TikTok video.

However, Stevan then comes to find Alara and the two get to talking, in which he claims he could not stop thinking of her during his date. The pair match up again.

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Image Credit: @positivelyuncensored TikTok

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