More reported ring camera footage involving Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, and an alleged other man has supposedly been revealed. HOLR breaks down the rumors.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @thekylemarisa, a blind item is alleging that this is what Joe Jonas allegedly saw on the ring camera that ultimately – supposedly- contributed to the duo’s fight and impending divorce.


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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner 

As mentioned in the TikTok video, apparently the footage from the camera supposedly showed Turner having a male co-star come over for a visit while she was filming overseas. Supposedly Turner didn’t know that she was being watched or that Jonas had access to the camera feed. Allegedly, the owners of the property installed it and Jonas supposedly got them to give him access.

Sophie Turner and Frank Dillane?

However, it doesn’t state who the male co-star in this alleged situation is or that Turner and this so-called male co-star were caught in any sort of compromising position. It was allegedly just a friendly co-star visit.

What do you think of this new alleged ring camera information?

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