Is Jojo Siwa’s latest hit, Karma, actually a “scrapped” Miley Cyrus song?

Did Jojo Siwa write the song Karma?

HOLR breaks down the alleged claims involving Jojo Siwa’s new song, Karma, allegedly having a relation to Miley Cyrus.

Jojo Siwa Karma

According to this TikTok video posted by user @adamtheflop, there are alleged claims that a reliable source back in 2011 seemingly confirmed that “Karma’s A B*tch” was Miley’s song when she was in her “Can’t Be Tamed” Era.

Miley Cyrus Karma

Allegedly, Cyrus confirmed this in 2012 on Twitter, which is now known as X. As the TikToker explains, Jojo Siwa was also not credited as a writer for her new song, Karma. However, Rock Mafia is listed as a producer, and Antonia Armato as a writer. Back in the day, Armato allegedly referred a lot of Disney artists, one of which was Cyrus.

There is a theory that Cyrus could not release this song back in the day because she was still under Disney and the lyrics were likely not acceptable.

Jojo Siwa Karma Reddit

According to this Reddit post, it is alleged that Siwa claimed that she wrote the song Karma, but it reportedly turns out that she bought the song, lyrics, and beat, as noted in the discussion thread.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed, what are your thoughts on these alleged claims? There is no concrete evidence to support claims Siwa allegedly stole this song. 

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