Acclaimed R&B singer/songwriter, Jon Vinyl has released a brand-new music video, “Always.” Directed by Alimzhan Sabir (@alimabir) and produced by Xavier Tu (@xavtu).

Credit: Jamil Hamilton

“Always” (The Visual), takes viewers on a moving journey ladened with motifs and storytelling that illustrates a hymn for hope. The new visuals echo the emotional tenor of Vinyl’s most recent project Lost In You, which was released back in October 2021. 

“Always” (The Visual) takes listeners/viewers on a wavering jaunt that commences with confusion and humility, quickly ascending into a relatable narrative. Tapping into the ebbs and flows of Vinyl’s relationship, he finds himself reaching a point of compassion and self-awareness. Although Vinyl opts for grand performances and masked feelings, he is eventually forced to take a deeper look at his own reflection to gain clarity and come to realizations about what it takes to both give and receive real love. 

‘Always’ is a special track off my recent project Lost In You that I really wanted to bring that extra bit of life to,” says Vinyl. “The new music video follows me as I mindlessly roam through an intoxicated night encountering extraordinary moments that coincidentally get me more drunk, driving me further and further away from self-understanding. The entire experience is meant to replicate this immense longing for my love interest while I chase her around a bustling city in hopes of winning her back after breaking her heart with a foolish mistake.” 


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