Jordan Stewart is the promising talent behind her brand, RVNG, the high fashion label specializing in amazingly jaw-dropping couture. Stewart is a CAFA(Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards) nominated designer who has continuously proven she is not afraid to push the boundaries of what is known to be a notoriously rigid industry. 

Photographer: George Pimentel

Stewart’s ingenious mind is demonstrated through her intricate and refreshing take on couture gowns, and this season was no different. Despite the turbulent year brought on by COVID-19 restrictions, Stewart, like the true talent she is, was able to use her time at home, all while caring for her four children, to create an exceptionally enchanting collection of gowns. The collection featured stunning jewel tones, exaggerated shoulders, and more. So we wanted to gain an insider perspective on the struggles and creative process of what it’s like to create art in such tumultuous times. 

RVNG’s February 2021 Fashion Show is the brand’s second time showcasing at NYFW. What was the creative process like in creating this collection this time around? How did it differ from the creation of RVNG’s September 2020 Collection?

While creating this collection there were many sets of new challenges that we had to overcome. Learning to translate the vibrancy of an in-person runway show through a camera lens was a new adventure that presented a whole new learning curve. This is the second fashion film that I have produced due to COVID-19 and I feel I am learning more and more with each season. 

I was so lucky that I had an amazing and talented team including photographers, cinematographers, stylists and makeup artists, who were dedicated and committed to a flawless production. We were sponsored by MAC Cosmetics, which was amazing because they made sure that we had all the best palettes for each model. I was so happy with how the makeup looks turned out for this runway show.

Photographer: George Pimentel

RVNG’s latest collection was filled with bold prints, bright colours, stunning dress trains, statement shoulders, and statement sleeves; What was the inspiration for this collection by RVNG?

This collection, The Beyond Collection, was inspired by life after the pandemic and imagining what’s next for us as we move past COVID-19 and into a new normal.

What message did you hope to convey with RVNG’s latest collection?

The message I wanted to convey through The Beyond Collection is that the art of fashion is very much alive in our communities even during the pandemic. Together, through fashion, we are pushing barriers and continuing to create and innovate.

You are a busy mother of four and a fashion designer who has to navigate the difficult restrictions of COVID-19; how did you manage to create such an extraordinarily diverse range of gowns and suits despite the conditions brought on by COVID-19? What kind of, if any, obstacles did you have to overcome in the process of creating this collection?

My children inspire me daily. They are the main reason why I am following my dreams and pushing myself as hard as I can every day to create my runway collections. When obstacles present themselves, especially during COVID-19, I work very hard to persevere and find solutions rather than focus on the negatives. I hope that my efforts, and determination, will teach my children to follow their dreams and always put 100% into whatever they chose to do. 

Photographer: George Pimentel

How do you hope to make people feel when they wear your designs?

I hope that whoever wears my garments feels powerful, beautiful and confident.

As a successful high-fashion designer who has made a name for themselves in such a short amount of time, what is one piece of advice you would offer to young fashion designers who want to succeed in this industry?

The advice that I would give to a young fashion designer is to create for your love of fashion, passion is seen at the seams. Don’t worry about everyone loving your work instead, hope that some understand your creations. Lastly don’t be afraid to stand alone, take chances and break the rules.


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