Journelle is a luxury lingerie brand looking to give you a comfortable and easy underwear shopping experience. With expert research and careful designing, Journelle aims to support your daily life, starting from the first thing you change into in the morning.

According to science, 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. With many shops lassoing you with a measuring tape and taking a quick guesstimate, it’s really no wonder. Thus, Journelle provides an in-depth, personal, and private tutorial on how to make sure you’re wearing the right bra, not only in terms of size but also for your lifestyle. Starting off with measuring yourself using their fit calculator as a guide, onto suggesting a bra for your specific boob shape (as this affects the size and even design of your bra!), and finally, a quick lesson on what bra would suit your specific lifestyle, this brand takes your comfort seriously. Plus, all their lingerie is made to sustain, meaning no hand-wash only garments, so even the most delicate pieces of lingerie can be thrown in the wash.

Journelle is a multi-line and multi-brand store, stocking lingerie designed by an array of brands and designers. So, once you have your size and fit narrowed down, their beautiful range of lingerie will still leave you spoilt for choice.

Ultimately, Journelle wants you to be strong and confident. The team of women and men behind this brand know that confidence can even be sourced by feeling comfortable and cute underneath the layers of clothes. No matter the occasion, Journelle has you secured.

New in favourites:

For Corona: Savona Pleated Face Mask from Cosabella 

From the first thing you put on to the last thing you put on, Journelle has you feeling pretty from start to finish with this cute lace face mask.

For Date Night: Romy Demi Bra, Suspender Belt, and Thong

This set is constructed from a single layer of delicate botanical lace and sheer mesh. It’s as effortlessly elegant as it is stunning.

For Yourself: Anais Low Balconette Bra and Bikini

This gorgeous set is cross-dyed. Finespun differences in saturation catch the light and capture the quiet shimmer within the palette’s different tones.

About Journelle

Spearheaded by co-CEO and owner, Sapna Palep, MD, MBA, the priority at Journelle is to create a safe space for women to explore the world of intimates – somewhere women feel understood and catered to, so they can embrace the joys of designing a beautiful lingerie wardrobe. Sapna understands that at some point, we’ve all felt the physical and emotional impact of wearing a bra that doesn’t fit right. That needs to change – she is striving to marry her experience in wellness and medicine to Journelle, so that change can be felt here.

Journelle co-CEO, Sapna Palep