Kaylee Gain Fight Video Reddit

In a brutal fight between two high school students, Kaylee Gain was left in a life threatening condition after she suffered frontal lobe damage and a skill fracture. During the fight, Kaylees’s head was repeatedly smashed into the side walk.

Trigger Warning: Watch the Kaylee Gain Fight Video below with caution as it contains extremely sensitive and disturbing content.

Kaylee Gain Attacker

Now the family of the 15-year-old girl who can be seen attacking Kaylee Gain in the viral video has come forward to say that she is the ‘real victim’. The girls family are trying to fight back against calls to try the 15 year old as an adult. They are also stating that she was acting in self defence after being harassed and bullied. The family said the girl attacking Kaylee Gain is an honor roll student and doesn’t have a history of violent attacks.

Kaylee Gain Video Fight

The Kaylee Gain video has been circulating on Reddit and shows Kaylee Gain and the other girl exchanging words before both girls lunge at each other. Kaylee tries to get a punch in but the girl flips her to the ground and then proceeds to smash her skull into the cement repeatedly. Kaylee is then believed to have experienced a seizure before losing consciousness and then being taken to the hospital. The friends of the girls also begin to fight but it does not appear that any of them sustained serious injuries. The girls family have started a change.org petition asking the St Louis juvenile system to show compassion to the accused.

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