Looks like the second time wasn’t a charm for Liam Payne and Maya Henry. Grab some tissues as the couple has officially strolled into Splitsville. 

Liam Payne & Maya Henry

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No wedding bells for this couple! According to US Weekly, a representative for Liam Payne has confirmed that the pair broke off their engagement last month. This is the second time that the couple has called off their engagement, as they previously ended their relationship in June of 2021 – only to get back together in August of that year. 

Rumors of Payne Cheating Trends on Social Media

Maya Comments on Fan Post

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This news comes after a fan account posted photos seeming to depict Payne embracing Henry. However, Henry clarified that it wasn’t her in the photos after leaving a comment under the pictures. She stated, “I love all of the fans so much but please stop sending me these pictures of my fiancé wrapped around another woman. This is not me and it’s hard enough knowing this has happened without seeing it. Enough now.” A source close to Payne told the Daily Mail that the comments made by Henry are “untrue” and “misleading.” 

The comment by Henry quickly spread like wildfire on social media platforms such as TikTok and Twitter. Fans went into a frenzy among rumors of a cheating scandal, and many took to their socials to share their disappointment in the “Strip That Down” star. One Twitter user commented, “finding out liam payne cheated on his fiancé is the heartbreak of the week. cheating will never be justifiable. yes i love him but i will not support a cheater.” However, another hashtag titled ‘#freeliampayne’ went viral on Twitter for fans showing support for the singer amid the breakup. 

Liam Has Previously Revealed He’s “not been very good at relationships”

‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’? On ‘The Diary Of A CEO Podcast,’ Payne revealed his difficulties in his romantic life. Specifically, he shared that he is “disappointed” in himself for “hurting people” in his past relationships. He also disclosed that he is working on himself before committing to a relationship. 

After breaking up the first time, Liam took to his Instagram stories to express his heartbreak and regret. He shared: “Don’t let someone go if you really want to love them even if you have to learn to love them through your own mistakes let your instinct tell you that you need them and keep them close we are always running out of time we never gain it.” He followed that story by tagging Maya Henry in the next post. 

Liam Expresses Regret

Image Credit: Liam Payne / Instagram

Liam Tags Maya

Image Credit: Liam Payne / Instagram

We’ll be keeping an eye-out to see how this break-up unfolds over the next few weeks. 

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