Kimkardashianruinedmylife.com on TikTok is trending- what happened and why is everyone talking about this? HOLR dives into the drama.

This TikTok from @angelwood90 is trending online- let’s talk about it.


I had seen this video on her page but noticed it might have been removed??? & I don’t see more videos about this on tiktok…are they all being removed?? the devil works fast but the kardashians work faster….#kimkardashianruinedmylife #kimkardashian #fyp #alleged #kimoji #drama #thekardashians

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According to this TikTok, David Liebensohn- the man behind the signs in the video- is allegedly the original creator of Kimoji. Kimoji was an app with Kim Kardashian-themed emojis users could use.

As outlined in the video, Kim Kardashian is being accused of committing fraud to get Kimoji trademarked. Apparently, Kardashian and Kris Jenner had reached out to Liebensohn’s company to set up a meeting with him around 2013/2014. Liebensohn met with the duo in Calabasas to discuss a brand. Once their chat about the brand concluded, Liebensohn reportedly pitched the idea of Kimoji to the pair.  They all allegedly had a verbal agreement aligning on the idea and agreeing to look into it together.

Liebensohn also reportedly showed Kim some concept art of the idea. After a few days, Liebensohn got a call from Kardashian’s team who asked him if he had filed a trademark for Kimoji yet, to which he responded, “No.” They then reportedly told him they would do it for him to “help with the process.”

Shortly after the team did trademark Kimoji- but without Liebensohn’s name attached to the trademark.

Liebensohn had text and paper trail proof that the pair stole his concept art/ideas and ended up suing Kim for $100 million. This caused Kim to counter-sue for over $300 million dollars- an amount Liebensohn could not afford, causing him to back down from the lawsuit.

Although the lawsuit was thrown out, Kardashian and Jenner reportedly told Liebensohn he had to pay them back $400,000 for lawyers, their time,  and financial compensation.

The video ends by stating that Liebensohn lost his family, his wife divorced him and he now lives in his car. He is also working 2 jobs to pay back the $400,000 he owes Kim and Kris. Kimkardashianruinedmylife.com is now trending on social media after Liebensohn outlined his recent hardships in having dealt with Kardashian and Jenner.

Kris Jenner Children

Jenner has always been a momager to children Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie, and she supposedly played a key part in this news.

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