Kim Kardashian Discusses Her Marriage With Kanye West On New Podcast Episode with Jay Shetty

For the first time in a while, Kim Kardashian opens up about her marriage with Kanye West. 

Kardashian joined Jay Shetty on his podcast, ‘On Purpose’, during their chat, Kim K opened up about her own personal struggles navigating the single mom life and even mentioned her marriage with Kanye West.


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♬ son original – Kardashulu???

When it comes to being a single mother, Kardashian admits that it’s been a rocky change to get used to. She also admits to crying herself to sleep after a stressful day of dealing with different moods and personalities coming from her children.

She also shared some parenting advice for those who are waiting to have a baby,

“You’re never prepared, but you will figure it out and it will make you so proud of yourself.”

“Our Marriage Was Beautiful”

Kardashian didn’t mention West directly but hinted at not having the same views as some people in her life.

“It’s okay to have those different views,” she said. “It’s why the world goes ‘round. But if you don’t align with the same values and morals and things at your core, then it’s okay to realize that this life is so short, and you should go and find the people that do align with what you really believe in.”


“Those are some of the things that I would teach my kids when they’re looking for friends and partners and relationships. You can’t really force things upon other people. You can’t expect them to be where you’re at, at your level coexist really well. But then sometimes, it really can’t.”

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