Kanye Mascotte Holdings Inc. recently filed a trademark application for “YZY SOCK SHOES” The paperwork, which TMZ received, was submitted on May 4.

Yeezy Sock Shoes

Update: Yeezy sock shoes featuring a knit upper and a durable rubber outsole.

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Despite the lack of a lot of detail, the item is identified as “Socks; socks with leather soles.”

Kanye was seen wearing what appeared to be a pair of socks-style shoes back in 2019. As a result, it’s probable that he will introduce the item to the general public.

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Ye may run into difficulties finding a retail partner because, as we may know, Adidas broke connections with him following his repeated assaults on Jews and support for Hitler.

Adidas intends to donate the earnings from the sale of the canceled Kanye West inventory

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Adidas said earlier this week that it would sell the remaining $1 billion+ in Yeezy shoes that remain in stock. Kanye will receive 15% of sales, and some of the proceeds will also go to charitable organizations.

According to reports, Adidas lost sales worth £351 million in the first three months of this year as a result of cutting relations with Ye’s well-known trainer brand.

Bjørn Gulden confirmed as Adidas chief executive | Financial Times

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The company has stated that the split could lower its revenues by £439 million in the upcoming year. Bjorn Gulden, the chief executive of Adidas, remarked during the company’s annual general meeting on Thursday 11 May in Fuerth, Germany, that eliminating the Yeezy stock is not the solution.

“What we are attempting to do right now is sell some of this inventory in the future and donate the proceeds to the charities that are supporting us and who were also harmed by Kanye’s comments.

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