Beauty encompasses personality, morality, and worth in its essence. When it comes to beauty regimes, there exist various kinds that individuals become accustomed to and integrate into their everyday living. One such regime that has been “on-trend” is called Blue Beauty. 

Indeed, this unprecedented time has shown us just how vital it is to keep our planet clean and healthy, and how much we owe to the land we live on. Transferring to clean beauty, such as what this Blue Beauty movement strives to do, is one step closer to making the Earth a better place for all species to live on.

Green beauty, which has been around for a while, focuses on using only natural ingredients and ethically sourcing all the resources within beauty products. Blue Beauty is a facet of green but focuses on conserving the ocean by using reef-safe ingredients, zero-waste packaging, banning plastic use, and more. These efforts push forth both action and education regarding the effects that hazardous beauty products can have on the waters and in turn, the environment we depend on. By getting involved with Blue Beauty initiatives, allows people to make conscious choices and learn to care more about the oceans that make up so much of our Earth.

This project was pioneered by Jeannie Jernot, the founder of Beauty Heroes, a blue beauty-conscious brand. Her main desire was for companies to go beyond green with this initiative, and regenerate the environment through funding, education, activations, and fixing the ways beauty products are made. As Jernot explains, “… the Blue Beauty movement is about beauty, lifestyle and wellness brands that go beyond meeting green standards like clean, all-healthy ingredients and conscious packaging—and contribute in some way to helping to restore the environment.” 

Other brands that have gone Blue in a conscious effort to help the environment and the oceans include:

Aether Beauty’s Makeup Line

A zero-waste, eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, and ethical highly pigmented line of colour cosmetics. 

Meow Meow Tweet

A small-batch skincare company that creates vegan products with pure, all-natural, and organic ingredients.


Serums and infusions that are organic and full of plant energy.


Skincare products that use clean, chemical-free formulas and little to no outer packaging to avoid unnecessary product use.

Graydon Skincare

Toronto-based skincare company focused on natural vegan products and is partnered with Plastic Oceans, a global non-profit organization fixated on ending plastic pollution and ensuring sustainable communities worldwide. 

Every purchase contributes to the cleaning of plastic that pollutes shorelines.

Stop wasting Earth’s resources, and instead, show it some love by buying Blue today!