It has been reported that late last night, around 10pm someone who was walking Lady Gaga’s 3 french bulldogs was held up and shot at gunpoint. The person who was walking the dogs has not been named or shared their relation to Gaga at this time. 

Image Credit: Lady Gaga’s Instagram

It is said that they were held up with a semi-automatic handgun and shot once in the chest, the shooter managed to take two of the three dogs, Koji and Gustav, while the walker saved Miss Asia. As this news has been reported, Lady Gaga is offering $500,000 for the return of her dogs and potential information on what happened. 

This offer and situation can be challenging for the LAPD as Gaga is a high profiled celebrity and is now involved in a robbery-homicide case. The $500,000 reward can lead to many loose ends and cause the situation to go from bad to worse. As the dog walker was shot, it is hard to know at this time if the napping was related to the singer herself, and why the suspect had a gun. 

Image Credit: Lady Gaga’s Instagram

It is also a theory that because Gaga has posted and shared her love for her bulldogs all over social media, was this an attack to get something like a reward from Gaga herself. It is also possible that French bulldogs are in high demand right now, and if Lady Gaga is willing to pay $500,000 for them, imagine what someone else is willing to pay. 

Right now it is reported that Gaga is in Italy, and was nowhere near the scene or harmed, and the dog walker is at Cedar Sinai hospital and is recovering well. Hopefully, soon the shooter/napper will be caught and pay for the shooting against the innocent walker, and Gustav and Koji can come home safe.